OneMD Direct is a new, innovative medical office now open in Raleigh, NC. OneMD Direct offers our member patients affordable, comprehensive, common-sense medical care with a focus on service and value. For our patients, this means fewer of the things you don’t like about going to the doctor, and more of things you do.

We operate on a fee-based membership structure with transparent pricing and no surprises. Forgoing the traditional medical model in favor of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model allows Dr. Suji the ability to spend more time with each of her patients. OneMD Direct is all about getting back to basics. It’s no secret the current American medical system is broken. Insurance companies and governmental payers have driven the cost of health care up and the quality down. With a membership to OneMD Direct, rest assured the priority is your health and not the bottom line.

At OneMD Direct there is no red tape, no hoops to jump through, no co-pays and no rushed visits or long waits. Instead, you’ll get a physician who knows you and cares about you, quality time spent with the physician, and affordable pricing with no guesswork.

Contact us with questions or to enroll as a member with OneMD Direct Care.


$75 per month, $150 enrollment fee. • Receive one month free when you pay upfront for one year • Prescription discount pricing (for members) • House call (for members) when...


Example: Patient A was experiencing some belly pain. Unable to get an immediate appointment with his doctor. At his doctor's office instruction "If he felt like it was bad enough...

The Difference

New DPC System

  • Same day/next day appointments
  • Direct access to your doctor via phone, email, or text
  • Monthly fee with multiple ways to communicate
  • Extended, longer office visits
  • Convenient scheduling
  • In office labs and prescriptions
  • Simple
  • Low monthly fee
  • Access to doctor any time needed
  • Wholesale pricing for labs and imaging
  • Personalized medicine with someone that knows you
  • 600 patients per year maximum


Old broken System

  • Appointments needing a calendar to plan
  • Phone tag and partial info relayed through staff
  • Appointments with co-pays and then referrals for more co-pays
  • Doctors forced to see patients for less than 10 min each
  • Difficult scheduling and long wait times
  • More co-pays and additional visits to multiple places
  • Complicated
  • Co-pays, high deductibles and limits
  • Trips to ERs or Urgent Care for non-emergency items
  • Bloated pricing to manipulate the insurance profit making system
  • Face in the crowd and lost in paperwork
  • 3500 or more patients per year

Dr. Suji & OneMD direct

We have teamed up with some of the best services available in Raleigh to get our patients the best rates for all their outside services.

Suji Park-Idler, MD, is a Board Certified Internist and the founder of OneMD Direct. Dr. Suji was born from a desire to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from giving and receiving the care we deserve. Dr. Suji sees each person as distinct and enjoys helping patients reach their healthcare goals. She brings outstanding education, training and a wealth of experience to her patients.

American Board of Internal Medicine (2006, 2016),
American College of Physicians, North Carolina Medical Board
Internship & Residency: California Pacific Medical Center affiliate UCSF in San Francisco