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What can Direct Primary Care do for Employers
Direct Primary Care can be extremely beneficial for individual patients for a variety of reasons.  About half of Americans get
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How a Maine seafood company teamed up with a local doctor to keep its workers healthy
Like many employers in Maine, Tom Adams is committed to providing his employees with meaningful health insurance as part of
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Say “NO” Dr. Google.
Have you ever noticed that every time we are stuck in a difficult situation or are looking for a solution
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Primary Care: Our First Line of Defense
Imagine if the only place you could bring your child when she develops a fever or an ear infection, or
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IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN…  Yes, the holiday season but ALSO the dreaded “Open Enrollment” for medical insurance. That
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Fitting Direct Primary Care into a Corporate Benefit Plan
Foundation of a Plan In order to create an effective, repeatable, and scalable plan, Craig Scurato advises practitioners to try
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Direct Primary Care Works with Medicare
A common question from our patients in their 60s and up is, “How could your practice at One MD Direct
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What if Car Insurance was like Health Insurance?
A letter from my insurance company, Blue Wheeled, brings terrible news. They rejected my claim, saying I didn’t receive pre-authorization
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Alternative to Health Insurance
What is Medical Cost Sharing? Simply put, Medical Cost Sharing, also known as Health Care Sharing is the sharing of
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Direct Primary Care saves Union County government $1.28 million in first year
New JLF report urges other local governments to consider Union’s example posted on December 2, 2016 RALEIGH — A new Direct
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