Health Insurance Alternative

“I’m healthy and I can’t afford health insurance”  – We hear it so often.

OneMD Direct + Health Share = Happy & Affordable

An option that many are finding affordable is to pair a DPC plan (like OneMD Direct) with a  Health Share or Ministry Share meet their needs, give them good coverage and provide for a healthier life.

The cost of insurance goes up each year.  It seems more and more options get eliminated each year too.  Catastrophic health insurance used to be the go to option for people that were generally healthy and just wanted to be covered for the “what if”. Health Shares and Ministry Shares were created in part to replace catastrophic health insurance.


What You Need To Know About Health Care Sharing Plans
With each open enrollment, insurance costs increase and become a growing source of stress for individuals and families. Those not
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Why I Chose a Cost Sharing Ministry Over Health Insurance
KIM GONZALEZ MAY 5, 2017 BUDGETING,  FINANCIAL PLANNING,  INSURANCE I recently left my corporate job to join my husband’s Registered Investment Advisory firm.  My
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How Healthcare Sharing Programs Compare To Traditional Health Insurance
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With health insurance premiums continuing to rise every year – in some areas, compounding at double-digit rates –
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ACA health insurance plans vs. Healthcare sharing ministries
by Holly Johnson October 10th, 2017 When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, it brought with
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IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN…  Yes, the holiday season but ALSO the dreaded “Open Enrollment” for medical insurance. That
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Alternative to Health Insurance
What is Medical Cost Sharing? Simply put, Medical Cost Sharing, also known as Health Care Sharing is the sharing of
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If you are already a member of Liberty HealthShare learn about their reimbursement program for OneMD (and other DPC) services.